Texas HUB
Crash Dynamics, a registered Texas HUB, is managed and staffed by licensed Texas Peace Officers or retired Texas Peace Officers. These men and women have spent many years working motor vehicle accidents and crime scenes. As a result, they are uniquely qualified in this field. Every field investigator is experienced in crime scene management, investigation, and RECONstruction. Many are qualified by the Texas Courts as expert witnesses and have considerable courtroom experience. All are directly supervised by Crash Dynamics manager, Tim Lovett.
About Crash Dynamics

Crash Dynamics offers motor vehicle accident investigation assistance through 3 avenues:

  • Court work
  • Peace Officer training
  • Crime scene investigation hardware/software

Court Work
Registered in Tarrant County in 1995, Crash Dynamics was created to serve and assist Texas' County and District Attorneys in RECONstruction of motor vehicle accidents for trial. Since that time, we have worked hundreds of cases both criminal and civil.

Our court work is not limited to prosecution. It is, however, limited to the truth. Whether we are retained by the state or by the defense, we promise an honest assessment of the facts. We study the crime scene, any maps and photos, all reports and witness statements. Our mechanical department is able to examine all vehicles, including commercial vehicles, for the ability to
stop-go-turn prior to collision and see how this factors into an accident. From there we work the RECONstruction using scientific principles and disciplines.

Peace Officer Training
In an effort to train Police Officers in Motor Vehicle RECONstruction, Crash Dynamics has developed an education/training department. We use only licensed TCLEOSE instructors for our schools. Hosted by Police Departments throughout the state of Texas, our schools include:

  • Intermediate Accident Investigation
  • Advanced Accident Investigation
  • RECONstruction
  • Advanced RECON
  • Complex Collision RECONstruction
  • RECON Update
  • CRUSH - Energy Application in Collision Reconstruction
  • Motorcycle Collision Investigation
  • Bicycle Pedestrian Collision Investigation
  • Commercial Vehicle Collision Investigation
  • CDR technician training
  • Forensic Mapping
  • CAD program training

We believe that hands-on training is vital in thoroughly learning and using accident investigation skills. Many of our classes involve actual motor vehicle crashes and field tests of vehicles.

Crime scene investigation hardware/software
Effective forensic mapping requires dedicated hardware. Crash Dynamics uses, sells and supports this mapping hardware. We are well versed in the use of the accompanying software. Crash Dynamics is a reliable source for this hardware. Integrated software is available through Crash Dynamics to complete packages from crime scene to desktop diagrams.