Forensic Mapping Equipment
Crash Dynamics uses, sells, and supports SOKKIA forensic mapping equipment. Our most popular model is the SOKKIA CX107 long-range reflectorless Total Station which can be paired with a SOKKIA handheld controller (SHC250) or a TDS Recon data collector. This instrument supports Blue Tooth communication to the data collector for a cable-free environment.

Our Forensic packages include equipment, software, and training.

Sokkia Total Station hardware:
CX Series
SX Robotic

GOWIN Total Station hardware:

Data Collection hardware:
SOKKIA handheld controller SHC250
TDS Recon
Other handheld devices are available, but due to their excessive size and price, they are special order items

Data Collection software:
The CAD Zone's Pocket Zone*
*Pocket Zone will interface with any of the major CAD programs and is by far the easiest to use

CAD Desktop software:
ARAS360 software and advanced modules
The CAD Zone's Crash Zone
The CAD Zone's Crime Zone

Support Equipment:
prism poles
standard prisms
flashing prisms
protective equipment bags
marking paints & chalks

Please call for quotes and pricing OR to schedule training.