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Periodically we have gently used forensic mapping equipment available for purchase.

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If you are interested in a specifice piece of used equipment, then we will make every effort to find it for you.

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Forensic Mapping Equipment
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New Equipment
Crush Jig

Having a CRUSH jig is a vital asset when using the discipline of Energy Application in Collision RECONstruction.
Crash Dynamics is an excellent source for this essential tool.

A CRUSH jig is a RECONstruction tool that measures [by the inch] the crushing and/or deformation of a vehicle's profile induced by collision. This instrument provides demonstrative evidence for calculation of speed at impact: a necessary factor in completing the mathematical formulae to scientifically prove speed when reconstructing a motor vehicle accident. It assures an accurate and uniform method of measuring the CRUSH depths at specific intervals.

While there are many ways to measure a CRUSH profile on a vehicle, the use of a CRUSH jig allows for photographic evidence to show the depth of CRUSH in an exhibit that is easily understood by jurors. It is evidence that even an untrained eye can see clearly and understand thoroughly. This photographic evidence is a vital piece of any case presentation in trial.

The CRUSH jig as provided to you through Crash Dynamics complete with frame and rods in a carrying bag. With proper care, this tool should last many years. Replacement parts are available through Crash Dynamics. Although a CRUSH jig can be "home built”, the cost of machining the aluminum blocks, purchasing the raw materials, and expending man hours to assemble will far exceed the cost of purchasing a ready made CRUSH jig.

Cost is $700.00 plus shipping

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