Training Courses
  • Collision Scene Investigation
  • Basic Scene Photography
  • Advanced Collision Investigation
  • Collision RECONstruction
  • Forensic Mapping
  • Motorcycle Collision Investigation
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Collision Inv.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision Inv.
  • RECONstruction Update
  • Event Data Recorder Applications
  • Courtroom Demeanor
  • CDR Technician Training
  • Complex Collision RECONstruction
  • CAD Program training

Training Courses
Collision Scene Investigation
Thorough scene investigation and access to all evidence is required for prosecution of collision scene cases. Too often a failure to collect and secure evidence at the time of a collision equals evidence lost and a case that is not strong enough for prosecution. This course provides the collision investigator with suggestions for scene management along with guidelines for complete evidence collection and maintenance that will assist in getting criminal cases filed and aide the state in prosecution.

Basic Scene Photography Techniques
A complete collision reconstruction must include a thorough photographic record of the crash scene. This course will give detailed instruction on basic use of a digital SLR camera in both day-time and night time conditions. Extensive field work will provide hands-on opportunities to practice what is taught in the classroom.

Intermediate Collision Investigation
Automobile crashes cost American each year; 100 billion dollars, 50,000 lives and 2 million disabling injuries a year. We as Police Officers are the unbiased investigators obligated to discover what really happened, and if there was any crime committed. Intermediate Crash Investigation is the first in the 3 basic classes that gives the investigating Officer the skills necessary to conduct a competent collision investigation. Read More

Advanced Collision Investigation
In order to be prepared for the extensive math and formula studies involved in reconstructing a crash scene, an investigator must first learn the concepts of vehicle dynamics and motion. This 80-hour school covers topics including Scene Documentation, Speed Calculations, and Principle Direction of Force and is the prerequisite course to Collision RECONstruction. Read More

Collision RECONstruction
The scientific study of evidence collected at a collision site can be used to RECONSTRUCT the events of a collision cycle. Using Time & Distance studies and Vector Sum Analysis in conjunction with Momentum, Advanced Collision Investigators are trained to move from evidence collection to actual event reconstruction and to complete a cause analysis of the collision. Read More

Motorcycle Collision Investigation
Basic mechanical knowledge of motorcycle parts and functions is vital to accurate investigation of motorcycle collisions. The methodology of evidence collection and understanding of injuries typically found in these collisions is taught during this course.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Collision Investigation
Due to the extreme disparity of mass in collisions involving a bicycle or pedestrian and a motor vehicle, special investigation techniques must be employed. Reconstructionists will be trained in scene investigation methodology and speed calculations designed for this unique branch of collision reconstruction.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision Investigation
Collisions involving commercial motor vehicles and articulated vehicles require specialized evidence collection and calculations. Knowledge of commercial vehicle parts and DOT requirements are essential to the effective reconstruction of collisions involving heavy trucks. Hands-on field study is included in this training course.

RECONstruction Update - Continuing training for the Collision Investigator
In order to maintain the highest professional standards, every Collision Investigator must stay abreast of current methodology. Collision Investigators trained more than 3 years ago will receive updated information and refresher training in addition to opportunities to work actual case problems.

CDR Technician Training
Collision Investigators having need for the preservation of evidence from a vehicle are trained to gather information from the various manufacturers' systems using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system. *Analysis and data interpretation are NOT part of this course of instruction.

Event Data Recorder Applications Training
Experienced Collision Investigators are trained to use the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system to properly obtain data contained in supported vehicle EDR.  Additional instruction includes accurate interpretation and application of that data to a situationally complete collision reconstruction.

Courtroom Demeanor
The personal conduct of a witness often affects the jury's interpretation of his testimony.  His wardrobe, grooming and body language are all factors influencing jury rapport.  This class will expose Police Officers to simulated courtroom experiences designed to duplicate the various testimony experiences of a trial.

Complex Collision RECONstruction - Progressive disciplines for the Experienced Collision Investigator
As technology moves forward more data applications can be combined to create a complete collision reconstruction. Experienced Collision Investigators will receive training to enable them to accurately merge these progressive data sources. This course offers opportunities to work with and solve actual collisions from some unique real-life situations.

CAD Program training
Courses are available in specific CAD programs and will be customized to fit your individual software package. Extensive training in 3-D diagramming in Crash and Crime Scene applications is the backbone of this study.

Forensic Mapping
Thorough and accurate documentation of crash and crime scenes is paramount to the prosecution of criminal cases.  Forensic Mapping training involves the use of a total station or laser device for scene coordinate collection.  Coupled with CAD program training, the raw data can be turned into a scale scene map.

CRUSH - Energy Application in Collision Investigation
This adjunct discipline of Collision RECONstruction utilizes damage deformation profiling to ascertain the Energy and Delta V during a collision cycle. Coupled with momentum calculations, CRUSH can refine a thorough Collision RECONstruction.  Crash Dynamics CRUSH jigs are available for purchase at a discounted price when registering for our CRUSH course.

Host a School
Most of our training classes are hosted by Police agencies in the North Texas Area. If you are interested in hosting a school and possibly qualifying for free tuition for one or more of your department's officers/investigators, then contact Peggy at 682-503-6529 or